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Event Volunteer Communications

Your signature event is a BIG DEAL. This is your non-profit’s annual opportunity to raise big money and bring your community together.
Before these events, non-profit teams are doing so many things: fundraising, logistics, vendor management, media relations… When it comes time to bring volunteers on board to make the day run smoothly, are you “making do” and flying by the seat of your pants?

Your community deserves better- they’ve fundraised, rallied their networks, and are ready to have a great day. Their great day includes services delivered by a volunteer team (e.g. registration, hydration station, route marshall, prizing).

Have you run out of pre-event capacity to engage volunteers? Do you want volunteers to feel prepared and connected to the mission on event day? Do you need volunteers to have a clear understanding of event and role expectations? Do you want volunteers to be excited to come back year after year because they feel appreciated and heard?

Learn with JPP Consulting is your answer. Jessica has worked as a leader of volunteers at some of Canada’s largest signature events: The Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Ride for Heart, The WWF-Canada Climb for Nature, and Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s Gutsy Walk. Jessica knows how to communicate with volunteers to make them feel included, appreciated, and connected to your organizational mission. She has successfully adapted these communication skills to brand voices across the non-profit sector.

Your Customized Communications Package 


Recruitment email and call to action to your general mailing list


Recruitment email and call to action to last year's volunteers


Volunteer application response email


Impact story and reminder email

(3 months to go)


Impact story and reminder email

(2 months to go)


Impact story and reminder email

(1 month to go)


15+ FAQ responses to volunteering questions 


Event starts in 24 hours email


Post-event thank you email


10-15 event volunteer survey questions 

The process: I’ll put together ten custom communications pieces that steward event volunteers using your brand voice from start to finish. You can add on recruitment, screening, and evaluation support as needed. You’ll have ready-to-use documents that can be easily updated by any team member for years to come.

The result: Your signature event will be supported by engaged volunteers who feel prepared and connected to the mission. They will have a clear understanding of event and role expectations. Post-event, volunteers will feel appreciated, heard, and excited to come back next year!

Investment: $4,688 + applicable taxes (includes 2 x 45-minute calls)

Review and editing of volunteer role descriptions: $488 per role*

Screening call questions and rubric: $688* 

Volunteer survey analysis and report: $588*

Additional time with Jessica: $100 per hour*

*plus applicable taxes

Available Add-Ons

Ready to get started?

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