Jessica Pang-Parks is highly skilled at and incredibly passionate about stewarding relationships, coaching and mentoring others, and developing and improving processes.


Jessica currently serves as Secretary on the Board of PAVRO (Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders- Ontario). As the 2018-2019 President for TAVA (Toronto Association for Volunteer Administration), Jessica led an executive committee to provide meaningful and relevant professional development programming to colleagues across the volunteer engagement sector.

At the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Jessica worked as Ontario’s Senior Specialist, Volunteer Engagement, providing subject matter expertise to employees at head office and in communities across the province. In her past role as Volunteer Toronto’s Education Coordinator for the Grassroots Growth project, Jessica provided specialized training and resources to volunteer-run organizations across Toronto.

Jessica actively volunteers on the Leadership Team for Parkview Neighbourhood Garden, managing their Instagram and Facebook accounts and gardening whenever she can. As a volunteer with What’s neXT?!​, Jessica has advised the network's founders on how they can engage "Transitioners" (knowledge workers between the ages of 50-75 years transitioning to a new life stage) with non-profits. She also volunteers as an Advisor to the Volunteer Service Department at Shelter Movers and serves as a volunteer facilitator on their Training & Education Team.

Jessica is available to share her 9+ years of experience in volunteer engagement as a private consultant. Her consulting expertise centres around building meaningful relationships with volunteers, engaging volunteers to fundraise, and leading or supporting volunteer-run grassroots groups (e.g. small organizations that do not employ paid staff). If you are interested in working with Jessica, please reach her through the Contact page.

Jessica lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband Jason and her cat Junior. A lifelong learner, she loves gardening, cooking, and eating.



"Volunteer Toronto was incredibly lucky to engage Jessica Pang-Parks for urgent consulting work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her ability to refine our project's scope and inform a meaningful output was crucial. We expected her experience, attention to detail, and knowledge of the sector to shine through her final report. What we didn't expect was the creativity and strategic lens Jessica brought to the table, truly adding value to our project."

- Cara Eaton, Director of Strategic Communications, Volunteer Toronto

"Jessica has demonstrated an impressive understanding of volunteers' priorities and motivations. She understands the ebbs and flows of volunteer engagement, and how to maximize resources to engage the largest portion of an organization's volunteer base. Very impressive in her approach."

- Marc Hull-Jacquin, Executive Director, Shelter Movers

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