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"Striving and Thriving": A Community Forum with Asian Community AIDS Services

In May, I participated as a panellist in a community forum with Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS). I loved this opportunity to dialogue with Anaya Dhoundiyal and Anna Tieu about our experiences as racialized women in the healthcare, social services, and non-profit sectors. Ambrose Fan moderated this panel and gave us some great questions to discuss.

I am thankful for this experience of exploring ideas around labour justice as it relates to volunteerism. As my personal philosophy of volunteer engagement evolves, I'm reminded that this personal philosophy is primarily influenced by societal narratives and my lived experience.

As a volunteer engagement professional, it's important for me to continuously learn others' experiences and ideas. So, please share yours with me! Maybe we can make a video or do a written interview, like the others you see on this blog! Or maybe we can chat over Zoom and a cup of tea. Don't be a stranger- please drop me a line through the contact page.

I hope you enjoy the panel recording! Please feel free to share any feedback or insights in the comments!

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